What is Rhyme Scheme?

Rhyme Scheme is a creative, poetry-based, lighthearted card game from Billy Grim & Grimoire Games. Combine unique cards together to create lines of poetry that yield points based on (you guessed it): rhyme schemes. Over the course of several rounds write ballads, limericks, haikus, and more with 2 - 6 fellow players! Whether you're making a sophisticated masterpiece, scraping together something that barely makes any sense, or maybe both at once, you're sure to have a good time!

Card Back

Card Face

The cards each have four phrases on them of various lengths allowing for the player to have an incredible number of options with each hand. Simply rotate the card and line it up with another to make a line, and stack lines together to compose your poem! See the Rules tab for the full game rules, or the Poems tab for some examples and how they would be scored.